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Atlanta Vision Optical eyeglasses include choices from the top designers from around the world.  Each piece of eyewear is hand selected based on it's quality and craftsmanship.  As a patient you are able to browse hundreds of eyeglasses, try them on, feel the difference, and take advice from a well trained optician.  Each optician is trained on optics and on each eyewear design.  

Feel free to stop by anytime to try on the latest fashion eyewear frames.  Atlanta Vision eyewear has new frame designs arriving each day.  


Atlanta Vision Optical Sunglasses are available for everyday wear as well as many other activities in the sun.  Sunglasses are a vital part of your day for driving, sports, recreational activities such as golf or gardening, or as you are strolling through neighborhoods such as Inman Park, Edgewood, Candler Park or other Atlanta surrounding areas.  Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun and aid in prevention of eye disorders, but also can be fitted with impact resistant lenses for safety.  

Sunglasses can be fitted with your prescription, or worn over your contact lenses.  Atlanta Vision Optical Sunglasses offers designer eyewear that is for all types of fashion, sports sunglassses, and everyday sunglasses.  

HotLanta has its name for a reason, and that reason means lots of sun! Lots of sun means sunglasses for everyone. Protect your eyes and look great while you are doing it.  

Atlanta Vision Sunglasses come with customized lens colors to your liking and they are also available as polarized lenses.  

Reading Glasses

See the difference in our selection in reading glasses.  High quality glasses that can last a lifetime.  Read in the dark?  Try Optic Brights, reading glasses with lights that enhance vision in low light.  

Lose your reading glasses constantly?  Try Clic Readers that secure quickly and comfortably when not in use.  

Eyeglasses for Adults and Children

Atlanta Vision Optical eyeglasses cater to not only adults but children as well.  Eyeglasses can take a beating and still work like new.  From super durable titanium frames to flexible fashionable kids frames.   Your children do not have to be afraid of their first pair of glasses and can choose the right frame that is not only useful but is exciting to wear.  Extra comfort and durability in children's eyeglasses means less chances of loss, or damage and big savings for you.   Don't waste your money buying a new pair of eyeglasses every time the old glasses are damaged, get the right frame the first time.  

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