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3 Great Tips to get the Glasses you Want!

3 Great Tips to get the Glasses you Want!

All the window shopping and dreaming can finally come to a halt!  You spent the last couple of months shopping for others for the holidays, but guess what?  Now, its your turn! No more window shopping, long lines waiting to return or exchange that perfect gift; seeing those awesome shades and the perfect pair of glasses that just wasn't in your budget at the time.  Below are 3 great tips to help you get the glasses of your dreams!


Tip #1:  Flex Spending and Health Spending Accounts

Did you know that you can use these tax free dollars towards not only eyeglasses but prescription sunglasses?  You saved a ton of money but now are scrambling trying to find a way to use up those last couple of bucks.  You can use your HSA and FSA towards several eye related goodies.  Glasses, sunglasses, & all eye exam services.  You can even pick up those prescription readers you have been wanting.  Speaking of saved tax dollars let's go to point number 2!


Tip #2 Using Your Tax Refund

It's finally here, all year we have all been paying a good portion of our hard earned money to taxes.  It's that time of year when we get a portion of that back.  Time to celebrate and if you have the extra tax cash then why not treat yourself to those glasses you have been eyeballing all year.


Tip #3Use Carecredit for Spacing out those payments

Carecredit is an amazing option if you do not want to fork over a bunch of cash all at once.  What makes it so great?  Well for starters it is interest free for 6 months and no hidden fees!  It takes only a few moments to sign up! Check out more at


With these 3 tips getting those cool specs is a breeze!  Try combining all these with insurance, and it's a no brainer!  But don't wait, for many of you that flex money is about to expire!


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