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Our Eye Care Services

Eye Care, Eyewear, Contacts, & Sunglasses

Eye Care, Eyewear, Contacts, & Sunglasses

Routine Eye Examinations

Yearly comprehensive eye exams performed by the staff optometrist.  The routine exam includes routine checkup, visual acuity check on your eyeglasses prescription,& medical screening for eye disorders and disease.


Contact Lens Exam, Evaluation, & Renewal

The contact lens exam includes the routine eye exam as well as the evaluation for contact lenses.  This yearly exam, the eye doctor first checks the health of your cornea to make sure that you are still eligible to wear contact lenses, he/she reviews changes in contact lenses, and then discusses the best lens option for not only the health of your eyes but your lifestyle. 


Retinal Photography

Photo captures the rear portion of the eye.  The eye doctor will evaluate the health of the retina, macula, and optic disc.  This eye test allows the optometrist to determine whether or not there are health issues related to glaucoma, retinal detachment, bleeding, and other disorders of the eye.


Visual Field Testing

The Visual Field Test allows the patient to test their level of central or peripheral vision loss.  The results of this test assists the eye doctor in identifying common eye issues such as glaucoma.


Kerataconus Exams

Patients who have kerataconus will generally have a hard time wearing everyday contact lenses and/or may not be able to achieve 20/20 vision through their eyeglasses. At Atlanta Vision Optical, we can fit and design custom contact lenses for patients with corneal issues such as kerataconus.


SPFX Lens Fittings

Special effects contact lenses can be custom fit for actors, stunt doubles, or cast/crew in the film industry. All lenses are hand painted and are available as scleral or corneal lenses.


PD Measurements

After your eye exam, you can speak with one of our professional opticians to have all your measurements taken for eyeglasses.  Our opticians fit precise PD measurements as well as OC heights for glasses.


Medical Eye Services

Any non-routine eye issues such as pink eye, abrasions, cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye issues can be seen by our optometry staff.