Eyewear  Repair & Lens Update

At Atlanta Vision Optical we will gladly repair your eyeglasses free of charge anytime!  This includes cleaning, new nose pads, screws, & correcting the fit of your glasses.  Please be patient as we repair your glasses, we want to make sure they are adjusted properly.  During your adjustment occasionally damage to the frames may happen, this is usually due to frames being overused or becoming brittle with age.  Please understand we will try to avoid this at all cost but cannot accept any responsibility for any previous or new damage that may happen. 

If you would like to add NEW LENSES to your existing glasses we will also gladly update your prescription.  Please understand that even fairly new glasses can become aged quickly and easily break without fault to the lab personnel. 

To have your eyeglasses adjusted by one of our team members please fill out the waiver below.  

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I agree that any damage that may occur while adjusting, repairing, cleaning, replacing lenses, or otherwise handling my glasses that I will not hold the staff, lab, or eye care practice accountable.