Sales & Implementing the 3 C's

"The best salesperson is the one who instills 3 things into their buyer.  Trust, Knowledge, and continued happiness." 


Why should patients trust you?   

Using all three C's is very important.  First, confidence comes from not only the knowledge you have but HOW you relay that knowledge to your patients.  Knowledge must be balanced, concise, and the patient should be able to relate and find benefit in the knowledge provided.  Your first step to figure out what knowledge to give your patient is to find out more about them?

What are their current needs & wants?

  • How long do they keep their glasses for and how long will they keep the pair they buy next?
  • Is money an issue or does it not matter if they find value in the product you show them?
  • What is their current impression of how much glasses SHOULD cost or HAVE cost them before in the past?

Obviously, you cannot ask these questions out right, but you can get to know them by asking open ended questions (Open ended questions = questions that do not warrant a 1 word answer such as "yes" or "no").   Here are some example questions and strategies.  

  • What are YOUR goals with each patient?
    • Glasses patients = Have the patient buy the correct the best frame style, number of frames, lens style, that fits creates a better lifestyle for them.  
      • Better Vision, better comfort, better durability, better fitting, better looking.
  • Introduce yourself and explain what the next step is (explain your job and goals to help each patient).  
    • This establishes CHARISMA by connecting with the patient with name exchange, a handshake, and opportunity to build better rapport.  Trust from the start is very important.  
    • This establishes CONTROL and helps guide the patient down the right path.  

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