Optician Apprentice:  Atlanta, Georgia

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The Optician Apprentice will be trained from the ground up on how to utilize the necessary skills to become a full Optician.   Training will be conducted by an Optician, Optometrist, & additional eye care staff to ensure accuracy and efficiency.  Hands on, verbal, online, and review of all materials will be closely monitored as the apprentice progresses. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance.  The following skills will be learned;

  • Comprehension of patient charts, and utilizing prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses.
  • Dispensing, fitting, and adjusting eyewear.
  • Contact lens insertion and removal
  • Insurance verification, authorization, application, and filing.
  • Implementation and notation of Visual Field tests, Fundus Photography, Auto-refraction/Keratometry, Tonometry, & lensmeter neutralization. 
  • Detailed understanding and ability to explain human anatomy as it relates to the eye.
  • Optical formulas and theory. 
  • Customers service and sales skills to promote a satisfactory experience for each patient.

Additional duties include assisting team members to complete tasks, reporting, organization, attending team meetings, closing/opening, and additional duties explained at interview.