Welcome to the Optical Training Center

Section 1:  Beginner Level


Quizzes 1 to 5: The Basics

The Basic Quizzes generally take about 2 to 5 days to master with the proper dedication and study time allotted. The Optician Apprentice should be able to answer all questions with 100% accuracy.  

Quiz #1 The Basics 1

Quiz #2 RX Basics

Quiz #3 The Basics 2

Quiz #4 Contact Lens Basics

Quiz #5 Equipment, Pretesting, & the Lab


Cooper Vision Certification :

Use the Partner Code 108089

The Certification process should be completed No later than the end of your 5th day of training. 


AVO Employee Handbook

Sun Lenses




Section 2: Intermediate Level

Please make sure you have reviewed all the sections, lessons, articles, videos, at least twice before moving on.  All quizzes must be taken, reviewed, and approved by management. 

Lesson 6: Coming Soon!